Marfóir – Book 2 of the Fae-Tale Series

She was queen of a broken land. Captured and tormented by her enemy, she escapes and is pursued by even darker forces. Her only weapon—the love for her family. Grayson’s new romance, inspired by Celtic Mythology.

The Fomoire High King is dead. His youngest son slain. The remaining brothers (death wolves) battle for supremacy turning the beautiful plains and the Gloom (Tír Tairngire) into a battle ground while Morfran recovers from his fight with Morrigan. In the meantime, Aine who is High queen of the Tuatha is brought to the High Court, but Morfran’s attack on the palace allows her to escape her captivity only to be confronted by a worse type of evil. Marfóir Book 2.

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