Copy and Developmental Editing

Your manuscript is complete— well almost. You may have gone over it tens of times. Perhaps your friends and partners have looked over it numerous times. Unfortunately, it's probably not complete. Not until you have had a professional copy editor review the work. You will be surprised, how many typos still crop up, or how a perfectly clear sentence may be better placed elsewhere. They won't change your book. They'll simply make it easier to read and look polished and professional. We can't guarantee that your book will sell, but you will have a greater chance of finding an audience with a well-written book than one still full of errors.


Cover, Interior Design & Formatting

You've written and re-written your book. This manuscript now needs a framework in which to gild your work. It needs to be eye-catching and say "pick me up and read me". We can direct you to great professionals who can design your cover or format your interior with special, personal touches that give your book the final polish.

Online Publishing & Print on Demand

We have several companies that we have worked with. Some with a more expedient service but less marketing opportunities. It all depends on your budget and how quickly you want to be up and running to sell your book. Ultimately, it will be up to you to find a marketing plan or company that can help you launch your work, but first you need to find someone to print and publish. We can help!


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