New Release – Gheidh!

“For where thou art, there is the world itself,

And where thou art not, desolation.”

Charged with passion?...he’s like electricity on a live wire.

Insta-love? There’s no such thing.

It’s always attraction first, the rawest kind.

Anyone, who’s ever felt it—knows,

First comes desire, then lust and finally pain. ‘Cause love requires time, and we’ve just run out of it...

$2.99. Order Today

Gheidh is furiously paced, darkly intense urban fantasy for those who like their heroes dirty and their villains fresh! Set initially in the near future, against an urban backdrop, Gheidh follows the adventures of a young man, Tate Akerberg and his encounter with a strange gang of fast living, spoiled frat boys whose sole purpose seems to be to torment him. One of them especially seems to get under his skin and it’s all Tate can do to avoid him.


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